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Document Monitoring System

Document Monitoring System for OAFO-WM

User Manual

The system records the time and motion of incoming and internal documents. It automates the process of accessing, searching, and editing of documents. Key features of the system include document storage, report generation responsive to SPMS requirements and third-party integration.

Document Security System

Through the use of QR Code, the system prevents falsification of permits and licenses issued by DENR, Region 10. Embedded in the QR Code are the encrypted unique information of the issued permit that can only be read by a dedicated QR Code Reader. DENR-10 QRCode Reader for DSS is downloadable from Google Play Store.

Wildlife Local Transport Permit Online Application (Staff)

Wildlife Local Transport Permit Online Application (Client)

Transformation of wildlife permit application from manual to contactless transaction pursuant to IATF MC No. 2020-1 and EO No. 80, Series of 2012 and EC No. 201, Series of 2016. This system segues with Document Security System in the issuance with approved, QR-coded permit.

Climate Change and Risk Information System for Planning

DENR-X CRISP is established to facilitate enhanced sharing of geospatial information among agencies and other stakeholders especially for planning purposes. This effort is made possible through the Project Climate Twin Phoenix of the Climate Change Commission. Spatial information generated for the One Control Map is uploaded in the system.

Project Monitoring System

Electronic reporting system of physical accomplishment and financial performance. The system generates BED Form 1 and BED Form 2.

Digital Archiving System

The system serves as a digital storage of documents to ensure integrity for legal value preservation. Digital record keeping also fosters easier collaboration among offices through data sharing.

Human Resource Information System

User Manual

HRIS is a management system designed specifically to provide managers with information to make HR decisions and improve productivity. It is a centralized repository of HR-related data.

ICTen Service Request System (Regional Office)

ICTen Service Request System (Field Office)

User Manual

To professionalize technical support, the system ensures a first come-first served basis. This is a ticket system for all ICT-related issues: hardware, software, network and even request for technical support on virtual activities. It has a feedback mechanism allowing users to check on the status of their requests.

R10 ENR Database

Repository of ENR-related information generated from statistical reports.

Property Inventory and Tagging System

Database build-up of plants, properties and equipment. It generates a QR Code for each record that is attached to the equipment. The encrypted data can be read by any open source QR Code reader or scanner. The system generates the Appendix 73 that is annually submitted to the Commission on Audit.

eNGP Database System Version 2

eNGP Database System (For Viewing Only)

Database build-up for the implementation of the National Greening Program.

Biodiversity Database System

Database build-up on the implementation of activities under the Protected Areas, Caves, and Wetlands Development Program.

Employee Official Locator System

The system contains information of the official whereabouts of Regional Office employees through approved travel orders and regional special orders.

Task Force Bangon Marawi - Social Cartography

Under the Marawi City Recovery and Rehabilitation efforts, DENR Region 10 is tasked to identify the owners of properties damaged during the 2017 Marawi Siege. The database system holds the information gathered during the implementation of Social Cartography.

DENR-10 Scheduler

List of activities and commitments to be attended by DENR 10 officials

Client Feedback System

The system is a platform where clients can give feedback on the quality of service received that serves as basis for improvement. A link is also provided if the client wishes to file a complaint.

Procurement Services Tracking System

Automates the process of purchasing goods and services and helps manage all the procurement-related processes, particularly on tracking purchase requests.

Supplies and Materials Stock System

The system holds information on purchases and distribution of supplies and materials. The Stock on Hand feature facilitates better decision for purchases.

Travel Order Electronic System
User Manual

Travel Order Electronic System for WM-REDs

Online filing of travel order for indorsement and approval. Using Application Programming Interface, approved travel orders are automatically reflected in the Employee Official Locator System.

Free Patent Application Tracking System (Staff)

Free Patent Application Tracking System (FPA)

Free Patent Application Tracking System (RFPA)

Free Patent Application Tracking System (Special)

This is the user-side of the system that processes the online application accessed by clients through the regional website (r10.denr.gov.ph). One of the key features of the system is the real-time tracking of documents by the applicants that promotes transparency and accountability. It has a notification function that alerts on the 100th day since receipt of application to ensure completion within the 120-day processing period.

Wildlife Gratuitous Permit Application System (Staff)

Wildlife Gratuitous Permit Application System (Client)

The system is a platform where clients can apply for their Gratuitous Permit Online. One of the key features of the system is the real-time tracking of documents by the applicants that promotes transparency and accountability.